Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proper introduction of the crew

So with the rough cut of the intro finished using archival photos and film footage, it's time to start filming interviews and location footage.

BTW, let us introduce ourselves.... the crew for the Old Changi Hospital project (tentatively "Haunted Changi"): Andrew Lau- Director/Editor... Sheena Chung - Producer... Audi Khalis - Camera... and Farid Azlam - Sound. That's it, mean and lean bare bones crew.

Audi loves to shoot -- so he's already been filming a lot of behind the scenes footage. BTW, these pics are from the editing session yesterday. Ha, ha... bonus material for the DVD! :)

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  1. I just watch this movie last night.. and i couldn't sleep well after that.. still can't imagine how could this happend to all of you.. please guys, if you want to live in peace don't disturb the outte unseen... they wont disturb us if we are not start to move first...

    i wish, we can learn from this movie and no body will continue this..


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