Thursday, August 26, 2010

HAUNTED CHANGI movie trailer!

HAUNTED CHANGI trailer on YouTube:

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Secret tunnels of OCH found!?

Rumors of secrets tunnels in OCH are common. It's been suggested that the Singapore government had them sealed long ago. Was there another entry point left unsealed?

As the original producers of the HAUNTED CHANGI project, we have never actually seen the footage from last night in which some of the crew members returned to Old Changi Hospital one last time. This is because the footage itself was tied up in a legal matter. We then sold all our original footage of the project to another company. The production company has since obtained the footage from that last night. Unfortunately, we were not able to view the footage so we don't even know exactly what happened. Of course, we do know that it did not end well.

However, we have been told that apparently the footage shows the returning crew finding the lost secret tunnels of Old Changi Hospital. As reported by the production company that now owns all of the footage -- "it is definitely a very old tunnel" and "we've never seen any footage like this of OCH before, so it can only be the lost tunnels." They gave us very little information other than "one of the crew keeps calling out someone's name in Chinese." When we asked who, they would not say exactly, but told us that "eventually he finds who he was looking for."

They did agree to give us this still frame from the footage (see below)...

When we asked what exactly happened at the end of the last night's exploration, the representative for the production company would not respond other than to say "it will all be clear in the final film."

Unfortunately, the last night's footage is as much of a mystery to the original remaining HAUNTED CHANGI crew as it is to everyone else.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Film to utilize surveillance footage of OCH...

HAUNTED CHANGI will include footage taken from a surveillance camera that was set up by one of the crew members. There were multiple surveillance cameras originally set up outside of OCH but one of the cameras disappeared and is assumed to have been stolen. Footage from the surviving camera will in fact be used in the film.

It's been know for awhile that the film crew shot interesting footage while they were at OCH... but it now appears they managed to capture some very interesting shots even while they were away from OCH too.