Thursday, August 26, 2010

HAUNTED CHANGI movie trailer!

HAUNTED CHANGI trailer on YouTube:

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Secret tunnels of OCH found!?

Rumors of secrets tunnels in OCH are common. It's been suggested that the Singapore government had them sealed long ago. Was there another entry point left unsealed?

As the original producers of the HAUNTED CHANGI project, we have never actually seen the footage from last night in which some of the crew members returned to Old Changi Hospital one last time. This is because the footage itself was tied up in a legal matter. We then sold all our original footage of the project to another company. The production company has since obtained the footage from that last night. Unfortunately, we were not able to view the footage so we don't even know exactly what happened. Of course, we do know that it did not end well.

However, we have been told that apparently the footage shows the returning crew finding the lost secret tunnels of Old Changi Hospital. As reported by the production company that now owns all of the footage -- "it is definitely a very old tunnel" and "we've never seen any footage like this of OCH before, so it can only be the lost tunnels." They gave us very little information other than "one of the crew keeps calling out someone's name in Chinese." When we asked who, they would not say exactly, but told us that "eventually he finds who he was looking for."

They did agree to give us this still frame from the footage (see below)...

When we asked what exactly happened at the end of the last night's exploration, the representative for the production company would not respond other than to say "it will all be clear in the final film."

Unfortunately, the last night's footage is as much of a mystery to the original remaining HAUNTED CHANGI crew as it is to everyone else.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Film to utilize surveillance footage of OCH...

HAUNTED CHANGI will include footage taken from a surveillance camera that was set up by one of the crew members. There were multiple surveillance cameras originally set up outside of OCH but one of the cameras disappeared and is assumed to have been stolen. Footage from the surviving camera will in fact be used in the film.

It's been know for awhile that the film crew shot interesting footage while they were at OCH... but it now appears they managed to capture some very interesting shots even while they were away from OCH too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

HAUNTED CHANGI movie trailer!

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Movie rights purchased... film to be completed!

An update for the Old Changi Hospital film project HAUNTED CHANGI. A local production company has purchased all of our footage from the project. As part of the contractual agreements, the crew is handing all footage and materials for the project over to the production company and keeping all blogs online as they were during the production. When there are any updates, we will still post here and continue blogging about our experiences with the film. Thanks to everyone for all of the support.

News about the movie's theatrical release coming soon!

Meanwhile, there is a new Facebook Page for the movie here:

Thanks for all of your support.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tragedy strikes film crew...

Our apologies to everyone for not posting in awhile. March proved to be a very inauspicious month for the crew of HAUNTED CHANGI. After prolonged bouts of sickness amongst the crew, tragedy struck and it has since been a time for solace and healing. We appreciate all the help and support received from everyone online and we just want you all to know that in spite of everything that has happened recently, we are still dedicated to completing the film and sharing our experiences in OCH. We hope to have good news soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing night footage captured at OCH!

Spent the week sorting through the OCH night footage captured by two infrared helmet cameras and the regular camera -- a lot of material.

Well, in our last post we were relieved to have survived the night shoot at Old Changi Hospital, but we probably sounded a bit disappointed that there were so many technical difficulties. It was a truly creepy experience in OCH, but we were really afraid that we didn't capture anything on camera.

But now after reviewing some of the night footage... we are afraid that we actually DID capture something on camera! Let there be no mistake... we've got some AMAZING footage of OCH at night. It will not disappoint. Believe us, we'd love to share and show you everything right now, but we do have the film to complete -- so it has to wait.

Whatever was in Changi that night, it was definitely not camera shy during our visit... unless of course you can somehow rationalize what is seen in the footage -- again and again. We'll leave it up to the viewers to decide when the movie is screened.

Why so spiritually active at OCH? We don't know, but it's been suggested that Feb. 15th is the anniversary of the Japanese invasion during World War Two, sixty-eight years ago... and that was close to the time of our night visit. Dunno, we're quite skeptical, but it's an interesting theory.

With that in mind, most of the crew are now vowing never to return to OCH. Can you blame them? But our ever skeptical director Andrew is planning to go back for some extra footage at some point and... well, that's all we can say right now.

Please be patient with us. We're soooo tempted to post more and show you everything right now... but we've got to save it for the film. However, there are a few more shots we can share below.

Stay tuned for more updates on the post-production end of things... and wish us luck!

A rather sinister looking shot of OCH from the back at night.

Corner of the front of OCH with the moon and tree shadows.

Andrew looking gung-ho with his infrared helmet cam (Sony HDR-CX520E)...

Sheena and Farid goofing off in front of an IR helmet cam.

The film crew regroups after the first unsettling incident of the night
(which incidentally involved the Ghost Hunters of Singapore group.)

Long exposure shot of a hallway in OCH taken by Audi.

Sheena taken by Audi's infrared helmet cam... just before another
unsettling moment during the night shoot.

Sheena taken by Andrew's IR cam after the last spooky "incident" of
the night -- and that basically prompted the crew to exit OCH.

Again, we'd love to show you more of what happened during the night shoot at OCH... but it's best to save it for the movie!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Incredibly scary night at OCH...

Well, we managed to survive Old Changi Hospital at night. But it wasn't easy. At a loss of words to describe the experience. It was a rough night and the crew definitely got spooked. Nothing really seemed to go right during the shoot, so honestly, we don't know what we managed to capture on film or if our experience will translate very well, but... even so, it was quite an experience. The film's producer, Sheena, has already vowed to never return. We'll see about that!

Planning to review the night footage and post some more pics as soon as possible. But first, a bit of rest and recovery...

Long exposure night shot of Old Changi Hospital.

Audi filming with both regular camera and infrared helmet cam.
(Taken from Andrew's IR helmet cam... Sony HDR-CX520E.)

Sheena got spooked... but she wasn't the only one.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Next stop - OCH at night...

Night exploration of OCH coming up! We've enlisted a Taoist Master to perform a cleansing ritual before the exploration to appease the wandering spirits and protect the crew. There is a bit of debate amongst the crew about whether this is really a good idea or not. We do want to capture some evidence of paranormal activity while we're there... don't we?

Anyhow, we're happy to announce that the official Ghost Hunters of Singapore will be joining us on the night exploration! They'll be bringing along their knowledge of the supernatural along with a bunch of scientific gadgets -- motion sensors, thermal cams, etc. In addition, they said they have a special surprise for us -- in the way of a "very young ghost hunter" that apparently has a special ability. Interested? We are too.

Okay, time for talk is over. Next stop... Old Changi Hospital... at night!

Ghost Hunters (Singapore) will join us at night!

Two infrared helmet cams will be used... (Sony HDR-CX520E)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daytime OCH footage chills...

Daytime footage reviewed with the crew today. Incredible shots. Again, we can't give anything away except to say "shadows." As most people in Singapore already know, Old Changi Hospital is famous for housing certain types of ghosts and spirits. The footage we captured does not disappoint. It would definitely seem that if there are any otherworldly beings in OCH, they were definitely not camera shy. We did not expect to capture much, but a few shots are just downright spine tingling. Of course, there are probably numerous logical explanations for these types of shots, but it still makes the place very interesting and hopefully helps make our film just as interesting.

There was some debate about a new development with the project... but it's hush, hush for now. Meanwhile, Audi continued to capture his "behind the scenes" during the review (pic posted below.)

Sheena and Farid were particularly freaked out by a certain photo taken in OCH during our day exploration. One thing is for certain, when the crew goes back this weekend for the night exploration, they will all be sticking close together!

"Behind the scenes" still photo taken by Audi during footage review.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hidden treasure found in OCH!

Okay, not really. But one of the crew found this old Japanese "banana" money during our daytime exploration of Old Changi Hospital... $1000. Part of a ceiling had fallen through and this was in a puddle in the rubbish. Maybe someone hid it up there a long time ago during the war? Is there more money there? Don't know... but apparently this war money has no real value anymore - even though it says "The Japanese Government PROMISES to pay the bearer on demand... One Thousand Dollars." Hmmm... ;)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

OCH Daytime Exploration = Creepy atmosphere!

Inside Old Changi... what an experience! That place is truly creepy and has quite an unsettling and dark atmosphere. Periodic rain made it even more spooky... dripping water, spine tingling tapping sounds. Not to mention, our friends told us it didn't rain anywhere else yesterday!??

There were a couple of very tense moments for the crew. Our producer, Sheena, was creeped out by a certain room. Audi, the cameraman, was a bit jumpy the whole day and had his share of chills. Even our soundman, Farid, got a fright... and supposedly recorded some very strange sounds in SAF ward. Of course, our fearless director Andrew brought plenty of skepticism along and always had a rational explanation handy. But it's safe to say, he's outnumbered by new believers in Old Changi Hospital's legendary creepiness.

You wouldn't believe some of the other things we found in there! Ah, but we can't tell you everything... must wait for the movie.

We'll be reviewing footage over the next couple of days, but it's safe to say, we've got some good content.

We still have to go back again... at night! Next weekend. Please start praying for us. ;)

Old Changi Hospital, steps up to "back" building.

Decayed room on 2nd floor SAF ward

You won't believe what's in this room! (Must wait for movie though!)

Flooded hallway in the "middle" building.

Spooky graffiti demon-skull in SAF ward.

OCH chapel! ;) Confess to your graffiti sins.

Old OCH medical documents! Don't know if these are real or not.

More creepy graffiti...

Check out our Facebook pages for more photos of the crew behind the scenes! Of course we can't share everything... we have to save the best material for the movie!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Permission granted to explore!

Alright, we're goin' in! We've got official permission to enter and film inside Old Changi Hosptial for one day and one night. This weekend, we're heading into OCH for the day exploration. Should be very interesting.

Among other things, we'll be searching for the mortuary, the rumored torture chamber, and the secret underground tunnels. But who knows? This is the infamous, reputedly haunted Old Changi Hospital. We may also find other "things" and capture something good on camera.

Wish us luck. If we don't post about the experience in a couple of days... send for help! :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interviews in progress...

Currently focusing on interviews with various people who have stories to tell about OCH. Graffiti artists, legend trippers, former hospital workers, patients... and we've even got an exclusive interview with a former POW who was tasked by a secret Japanese military medical experiment unit! Very strange and creepy. We already feel blessed to get this fascinating material for the film.

We're still looking for more people to interview. If you're interested and have a story, please post below or contact us.

Monday, February 1, 2010

We need YOU in our movie!

Next up for our film project... some interviews with real people about experiences in Old Changi Hospital. You know... the kids who constantly trespass, vandalize and graffiti the place. Stand up and show yourselves... we want to interview your punk ass.

But seriously, anyone with experiences in Changi, feel free to contact us. Or even better, post your experience in Old Changi Hospital below!

C'mon... there have been a LOT of people who have explored Changi over the years... don't be shy. We need your help!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proper introduction of the crew

So with the rough cut of the intro finished using archival photos and film footage, it's time to start filming interviews and location footage.

BTW, let us introduce ourselves.... the crew for the Old Changi Hospital project (tentatively "Haunted Changi"): Andrew Lau- Director/Editor... Sheena Chung - Producer... Audi Khalis - Camera... and Farid Azlam - Sound. That's it, mean and lean bare bones crew.

Audi loves to shoot -- so he's already been filming a lot of behind the scenes footage. BTW, these pics are from the editing session yesterday. Ha, ha... bonus material for the DVD! :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Real life horror - Japanese invasion of Singapore, WW2, mass executions

Currently finishing up the intro montage to our film. Basically, it tackles the history of Old Changi Hospital... specifically it's use as military barracks early on during the Japanese invasion of Singapore in World War 2. So we used lots of old 16mm footage from the National Archives. Very cool images... but haunting as well. To think that the Japanese forces executed up to 10,000 civilians and POWs in Singapore is truly horrifying. No wonder Old Changi is considered to be so haunted.

We're not going to share any footage from the movie yet, since we're still in production, but here's some archival photos and a YouTube video about the Japanese invasion of Singapore in WW2. It will hopefully give some perspective on the negative forces at work in during the early phase of Old Changi Hospital's history.

Some archival photos:

Japanese troops marching through Singapore, Feb. 1942

Japanese Ha-Go tanks parading through Singapore, Feb. 1942

Japanese troops guarding prisoners from British Suffolk Regiment, Feb. 1942

Japanese officer with katana sword used for beheadings.

Japanese officers led to hanging after war crimes trial in Singapore

"A Time of Silence" -- Painting by WW2 POW Ron Delavigne
Sources: National Archives and Imperial War Museum

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Starting production on film about Old Changi Hospital

Ok, so this is the official blog page for our indy film "Haunted Changi!" We are planning to do extensive coverage of the Old Changi Hospital in Singapore from it's founding as British military barracks, to Japanese Imperial Forces headquarters during the invasion of Singapore in World War II... and finally to a public hospital in the second half of the 1900's. Now of course, it's abandoned... and supposedly very haunted. We'll see.

Currently, we're editing an intro montage using old archival footages. Then we plan to do some interviews with people who worked in the hospital, or have had experiences there. We've also got an interview lined up with a POW survivor during the Japanese occupation! Should be interesting. Then we hope to film inside Old Changi Hospital -- at least one day and one night. Currently seeking official permission. Anyhow...

We'll be posting updates as the project continues... Stay tuned!

Old Changi Hospital