Monday, February 15, 2010

Incredibly scary night at OCH...

Well, we managed to survive Old Changi Hospital at night. But it wasn't easy. At a loss of words to describe the experience. It was a rough night and the crew definitely got spooked. Nothing really seemed to go right during the shoot, so honestly, we don't know what we managed to capture on film or if our experience will translate very well, but... even so, it was quite an experience. The film's producer, Sheena, has already vowed to never return. We'll see about that!

Planning to review the night footage and post some more pics as soon as possible. But first, a bit of rest and recovery...

Long exposure night shot of Old Changi Hospital.

Audi filming with both regular camera and infrared helmet cam.
(Taken from Andrew's IR helmet cam... Sony HDR-CX520E.)

Sheena got spooked... but she wasn't the only one.


  1. Congratulations guys for daring yourselves to delve into the most haunted place in Singapore~!

  2. I want to know more about what happened at OCH that night!

  3. This sounds very scary. I would never go OCH at night.

  4. There is also another camera called the full spectrum camera. It can take pictures of infrared, normal and the last i forget already. But at the end, it like all in one. Kudos to all Ghost hunter out there!

  5. Hey there .... I would really like to know that the movie.... If you stop at ard 46.16. There is a boy sitting on top of the right side of the ceiling! Is that real or camera tricks from u guys ya?! Scary!


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