Sunday, February 7, 2010

OCH Daytime Exploration = Creepy atmosphere!

Inside Old Changi... what an experience! That place is truly creepy and has quite an unsettling and dark atmosphere. Periodic rain made it even more spooky... dripping water, spine tingling tapping sounds. Not to mention, our friends told us it didn't rain anywhere else yesterday!??

There were a couple of very tense moments for the crew. Our producer, Sheena, was creeped out by a certain room. Audi, the cameraman, was a bit jumpy the whole day and had his share of chills. Even our soundman, Farid, got a fright... and supposedly recorded some very strange sounds in SAF ward. Of course, our fearless director Andrew brought plenty of skepticism along and always had a rational explanation handy. But it's safe to say, he's outnumbered by new believers in Old Changi Hospital's legendary creepiness.

You wouldn't believe some of the other things we found in there! Ah, but we can't tell you everything... must wait for the movie.

We'll be reviewing footage over the next couple of days, but it's safe to say, we've got some good content.

We still have to go back again... at night! Next weekend. Please start praying for us. ;)

Old Changi Hospital, steps up to "back" building.

Decayed room on 2nd floor SAF ward

You won't believe what's in this room! (Must wait for movie though!)

Flooded hallway in the "middle" building.

Spooky graffiti demon-skull in SAF ward.

OCH chapel! ;) Confess to your graffiti sins.

Old OCH medical documents! Don't know if these are real or not.

More creepy graffiti...

Check out our Facebook pages for more photos of the crew behind the scenes! Of course we can't share everything... we have to save the best material for the movie!


  1. Do you guys really have any clue what ur messing with by being in there?! Ur either really brave or really stupid. I would strongly suggest abandoning ur little night trip there.

  2. Hi, I have some information on OCH that you may be interested in. Is there an email address that I can write to?


  3. Hey John - Thanks for posting. Please contact us through "About Us" >Profile email. Thanks!

  4. scary aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Hi guys. I heard soooo many story abt OCH but so far no prove. I also heard someone get posessed in one of the OCH lift. Do they have lift in OCH?

  6. I think we might have that proof you've been looking for. ;) Also, yes, there is a lift and the doors are open... very dangerous and easy for someone to fall in! Not sure about possession though...LOL.

  7. i have a friend who can see such stuffs in the night. One on journey to OCH one night, she describe the place as orchard road during weekends. the sprituals being loiter outside OCH looking at us human and continue doing their stuffs.

  8. Sorry, but I really feel like sharing my story here though. Pardon! ^^
    A friend of my best friend got possessed in OCH. ._.
    And she & her friends could not get out initially. No matter how far they go, or wherever they went, they're still stuck at level 3. And they keep seeing this little girl who almost hold on to one of their hands.But they still managed to get out like a few hours later after the spirits had fun with them.
    Well, I went there to explore with a big group of people so as to make sure our 'yang' is greater than their 'yin' in November last year.
    Once we're outside OCH, a friend who is 18 years of age began to cry out. Well, she didn't listen to us and demand on wearing her anklet which is with a bell. When I was getting nearer to OCH, my shoulder was very heavy. And dogs were howling everywhere. Well, their howls do sound pitiful. ): Before leaving, most of us saw 2 bright orbs at either level 2 or 4. And as we turn our back to leave, some of us who have sharp ears heard soldiers marching. And personally, I heard Japanese whispering to me. One of my friend was quite far behind us as he felt forces stopping him from walking. We were tempted to look behind us to check if he's okay. But he yelled & threatened us not to turn our head. While at the foot of the hill,at the road while waiting for a cab to pass by, I felt something watching. I turned around and stared at a tree. I knew we had offended them by visiting suddenly. I felt goosebumps. So I bent 90 degrees & apologize. Which after, I felt my shoulder loosen.^^ But my friend, was still crying when we reached chalet. She'll suddenly wake up from her sleep & start to cry again. Well, something followed us back to the chalet. But I can feel that it is harmless. And guess what, I was right. Something did follow us back to the chalet. Well, my dad is someone which a spirit or rather god, as in the Buddhist, would be able to enter his body. And the spirit confirm that something did follow us back to the chalet.But, as I guess, the thing is harmless. ^^ Till today, nobody dare mention bout OCH to that girl again.And we might be going back there to explore again. (:

    By any chance, do you guys know where is the main entrance to OCH? We could only find the back gate. And by rule, we should actually enter from the front & exit from the back.

  9. Thanks for sharing your story "A"... Please consider joining our HAUNTED CHANGI Facebook page and adding your story to the Discussions:

  10. The front of OCH is at the slope up from a bungalow chalet. Just follow the road up and that is the main entrance.

  11. when is the movie coming out? i'm excited to watch it!!

  12. Movie to be released sometime between August-October 2010. Thanks!

  13. when is your next trip to OCH? i would like to join and have a look around... :D

  14. i found a website containing info bout OCH

  15. look at the 6th photo.. there's the headless shadow again..


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