Thursday, February 11, 2010

Next stop - OCH at night...

Night exploration of OCH coming up! We've enlisted a Taoist Master to perform a cleansing ritual before the exploration to appease the wandering spirits and protect the crew. There is a bit of debate amongst the crew about whether this is really a good idea or not. We do want to capture some evidence of paranormal activity while we're there... don't we?

Anyhow, we're happy to announce that the official Ghost Hunters of Singapore will be joining us on the night exploration! They'll be bringing along their knowledge of the supernatural along with a bunch of scientific gadgets -- motion sensors, thermal cams, etc. In addition, they said they have a special surprise for us -- in the way of a "very young ghost hunter" that apparently has a special ability. Interested? We are too.

Okay, time for talk is over. Next stop... Old Changi Hospital... at night!

Ghost Hunters (Singapore) will join us at night!

Two infrared helmet cams will be used... (Sony HDR-CX520E)

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  1. What kind of camera is mounted to the helmet?


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