Thursday, February 4, 2010

Permission granted to explore!

Alright, we're goin' in! We've got official permission to enter and film inside Old Changi Hosptial for one day and one night. This weekend, we're heading into OCH for the day exploration. Should be very interesting.

Among other things, we'll be searching for the mortuary, the rumored torture chamber, and the secret underground tunnels. But who knows? This is the infamous, reputedly haunted Old Changi Hospital. We may also find other "things" and capture something good on camera.

Wish us luck. If we don't post about the experience in a couple of days... send for help! :)


  1. Is permission required to go there?

  2. For permission -- depends, can go in unofficially, but for filming we wanted to obtain official permission so we do not get into trouble.

  3. good day.. congrats on the film location approval...

    i used to frequent the OCH for my own research, so if there is anything that i can help, pls let me know...

    my email is



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