Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daytime OCH footage chills...

Daytime footage reviewed with the crew today. Incredible shots. Again, we can't give anything away except to say "shadows." As most people in Singapore already know, Old Changi Hospital is famous for housing certain types of ghosts and spirits. The footage we captured does not disappoint. It would definitely seem that if there are any otherworldly beings in OCH, they were definitely not camera shy. We did not expect to capture much, but a few shots are just downright spine tingling. Of course, there are probably numerous logical explanations for these types of shots, but it still makes the place very interesting and hopefully helps make our film just as interesting.

There was some debate about a new development with the project... but it's hush, hush for now. Meanwhile, Audi continued to capture his "behind the scenes" during the review (pic posted below.)

Sheena and Farid were particularly freaked out by a certain photo taken in OCH during our day exploration. One thing is for certain, when the crew goes back this weekend for the night exploration, they will all be sticking close together!

"Behind the scenes" still photo taken by Audi during footage review.


  1. Hey, since u guys called it haunted changi.. might as well u guys go and check O.J.S(old japanese school) rite cos O.J.S is situated at changi.. its far more scarier then OCH.. the 'things' at O.J.S are much more stronger..

  2. Well I've been to both OCH n OJS. OJS is definitely hair raising. OCH is nothing even at night.. but OJS.. is sumting..

  3. I've been to OCH in the day... and I thought that was scary enough!

  4. so u guys not going to OJS?

  5. Kudos to those who have gone to OCH. Actually you should have spoken to the guard that is station there. He can share with you more information on the spirtual movment.keep me updated if you guys need extra hand on the next visit to OCH. I can be contact @

  6. i went to OJS was definitely the scariest of was really dark..and we heard a lot of the weird noises from marching boots to faint weeping...our camera lights kept flickering...all sorts of things 'they' do to scare us...i thought i was going faint and die seriously...

    1. Where is ojs exactly?! I'm so interested to go but cant find it. Is there any road with referrnce to e map..? Thanks!

  7. i would like to watch the movie


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