Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Interviews in progress...

Currently focusing on interviews with various people who have stories to tell about OCH. Graffiti artists, legend trippers, former hospital workers, patients... and we've even got an exclusive interview with a former POW who was tasked by a secret Japanese military medical experiment unit! Very strange and creepy. We already feel blessed to get this fascinating material for the film.

We're still looking for more people to interview. If you're interested and have a story, please post below or contact us.


  1. och is my fav hangout place.. lol.. got A LOT of experiences there.. strange ones as well.

  2. my friend saw ghost at old changi... also strange sounds at night. i'll tell her about your movie.

  3. i went to OCH with my friends at night and we did not find anything unusual but the atmosphere was creepy...

  4. Underground tunnel has been sealed long time ago.

    Been there too many times till i lost count of it,regardless be it day or night. Able to walk inside the whole building alone in the dark.

  5. Haunted changi is really creepy!! I've been there once, i'm all alone walking, it really creeps me out!! Like the torture room!!


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