Monday, February 8, 2010

Hidden treasure found in OCH!

Okay, not really. But one of the crew found this old Japanese "banana" money during our daytime exploration of Old Changi Hospital... $1000. Part of a ceiling had fallen through and this was in a puddle in the rubbish. Maybe someone hid it up there a long time ago during the war? Is there more money there? Don't know... but apparently this war money has no real value anymore - even though it says "The Japanese Government PROMISES to pay the bearer on demand... One Thousand Dollars." Hmmm... ;)


  1. ther could b buyer out ther willin 2 pay 4 tis artifact xcluding the fact tt it's haunted-to-be...

  2. I do that hope you guys didn't bring home this note as a souvenir. The note belongs 'at' OCH. If you do, I'm afraid things might happen to you guys. And I'm stating the truth as I did interact with these 'people' before.
    Well, I like to refer them to 'people' as they would not like to be called ghosts or spirits. Some are sensitive. (:

  3. Our cameraman, Audi, has the note. He's thinking of trying to sell it on Ebay. But ya, nobody else from the crew wanted to touch it.

  4. i think you should put the note back. i went in there a few times and saw things, not scary or anything really. some of them just look really sad.
    but i suggest you let them keep their things, it belongs to them and they will protect it...

  5. I have one of these 1000 dollars notes in my hand right now, as I was researching what it was I found this site, very interesting story behind it.

  6. did one of you guys really died there ????
    and is Audi in jail now ????
    and Sheena receiving messages from a dead crew member ???
    The Chinese hag is ghost and the Soldiers and it all true ???

    Please answer,your film was great but its clouding my judgement about the existence of ghosts for real !!!! :(

  7. Hey can u guys tell methat in the movie at 46.16.......the boy sitting at the top right ceiling.... Is it real or camera tricks ya? Please advise.... Thanks.... :) happydays


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