Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amazing night footage captured at OCH!

Spent the week sorting through the OCH night footage captured by two infrared helmet cameras and the regular camera -- a lot of material.

Well, in our last post we were relieved to have survived the night shoot at Old Changi Hospital, but we probably sounded a bit disappointed that there were so many technical difficulties. It was a truly creepy experience in OCH, but we were really afraid that we didn't capture anything on camera.

But now after reviewing some of the night footage... we are afraid that we actually DID capture something on camera! Let there be no mistake... we've got some AMAZING footage of OCH at night. It will not disappoint. Believe us, we'd love to share and show you everything right now, but we do have the film to complete -- so it has to wait.

Whatever was in Changi that night, it was definitely not camera shy during our visit... unless of course you can somehow rationalize what is seen in the footage -- again and again. We'll leave it up to the viewers to decide when the movie is screened.

Why so spiritually active at OCH? We don't know, but it's been suggested that Feb. 15th is the anniversary of the Japanese invasion during World War Two, sixty-eight years ago... and that was close to the time of our night visit. Dunno, we're quite skeptical, but it's an interesting theory.

With that in mind, most of the crew are now vowing never to return to OCH. Can you blame them? But our ever skeptical director Andrew is planning to go back for some extra footage at some point and... well, that's all we can say right now.

Please be patient with us. We're soooo tempted to post more and show you everything right now... but we've got to save it for the film. However, there are a few more shots we can share below.

Stay tuned for more updates on the post-production end of things... and wish us luck!

A rather sinister looking shot of OCH from the back at night.

Corner of the front of OCH with the moon and tree shadows.

Andrew looking gung-ho with his infrared helmet cam (Sony HDR-CX520E)...

Sheena and Farid goofing off in front of an IR helmet cam.

The film crew regroups after the first unsettling incident of the night
(which incidentally involved the Ghost Hunters of Singapore group.)

Long exposure shot of a hallway in OCH taken by Audi.

Sheena taken by Audi's infrared helmet cam... just before another
unsettling moment during the night shoot.

Sheena taken by Andrew's IR cam after the last spooky "incident" of
the night -- and that basically prompted the crew to exit OCH.

Again, we'd love to show you more of what happened during the night shoot at OCH... but it's best to save it for the movie!


  1. if i am not wrong OCH is the place with 2 flap doors along a hallway. my friend was trap in there, unable to get out once. he tried to exit by this door but ended up going in by the other side as described by him. while all we see was him staring into blank space. He said all the while he was trying to find us.

    i forgot was it OH or a Woodbridge at woodlands. but high chance is OCH.try looking for this place.

  2. u guyz r craaaaaazy!

  3. Found this on STOMP. Hope you finished the movie soon!

  4. Next time include a medic .. sometimes .. things can get nasty .. and is not by spirits or ghost :)

  5. Your photo captioned "Long exposure shot of a hallway in OCH taken by Audi" has a headless figure shadow on the bottom right side of the photo... :S

  6. "Long exposure shot" is creepy! What does "long exposure" mean tho???

  7. I took pity on Sheena...she is just a girl after all...she is all freaked out! and still put her freaked out photo? If i were her i will be very upset by this.

  8. is there a headless shadow in the long exposure shot of the hallway? look near the door.

  9. i hope t see dhe movie soon asap {!}
    Is so interesting nxttyme i so wish t b lyk you all guy doing right now >.<
    Hahas ...
    So wish t see dhe movie {!}
    Takcaress {!}

  10. look at the first pic. saw the shadow of a head with long hair from the middle and then stretches to the bottom. look properly.

  11. you guys are either nuts or trying to proof something

  12. Scary. I was in an old mental hospital near my school (Si Ling Sec) and the painting has a lot of european-looking people in it, and they were staring at us (my friends and i). super scary experience ><

  13. once in 1995... a group of us decide to walk in after 1am since our chalet at Cranwell was just a stone throw away.... there's this particular part where out of sudden the lights were witch on like a few seconds before total darkness again... and we saw flying cloths... we immediately dashed out of CGH and never return ever!

  14. hey guys,my name is Tammy and in the 'Long exposure shot of a hallway in OCH' in the right side there is a figure with no head...urmm reply back !:)

  15. Be warned...intruders will be handed over to the police for trespassing because they say this is now a state property and fence has been erected around the premises. :)

  16. in the sixth pic,near the bottom right hand corner,if u look carfully,there's a humaniod shadow with its head.

  17. @photo entitled,"Corner of the front of OCH with the moon and tree shadows."
    saw a figure at the 3rd window from the left
    o-m-g man

  18. this movie is Asia's solution to Paranormal Activity

  19. seen the movie today, a bit puzzled by the ending! is it for real that things got out of control and bad events happened? not sure if it's the real ending :D

  20. is the ending real???

  21. hey.. andrew did die. I went to his funeral.

  22. really? im also confused bout the end of the story.. is it real??

  23. is there any news that can show Andre die?

  24. Has Andrew really passed away guys???


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