Monday, August 9, 2010

Film to utilize surveillance footage of OCH...

HAUNTED CHANGI will include footage taken from a surveillance camera that was set up by one of the crew members. There were multiple surveillance cameras originally set up outside of OCH but one of the cameras disappeared and is assumed to have been stolen. Footage from the surviving camera will in fact be used in the film.

It's been know for awhile that the film crew shot interesting footage while they were at OCH... but it now appears they managed to capture some very interesting shots even while they were away from OCH too.


  1. omg there's already a very obvious figure in the middle of the picture

  2. Truly creepy place!

  3. To be frank, I have gone to OCH at least 4 times in my lifetime. Each and every time, I will improve my exploration by going deeper by reaching higher floors or by checking out dark corners for any evidence of spooky thingy. But believe me, i saw nothing..or did not encounter. To be safe being a woman, I went in group 4 and none I could see. But..due to the speculations that it is haunted due to old spirits during Japanese occupation and so on, it does give me a goose bump when I entered. Some religiou sppl says, spirits never lasts many years. They may mingle till their actual death date. So if you calculate, if a POW being beheaded around 1942 or 1943, he will be at least 87 to 90+ aged now. Will a spirit linger that long? Wat makes me more fearful was not the ghost but mysterious/unexpected weird drug addicts or rapist hiding inside awaiting for victims. That is why I dragged few ppl with me. The last visit I went was during the deepavali long holiday on 2008 November when my family took a long weekend stay in the chalets. We heard huge stories about the Aloha chalets in the changi too that most are haunted by nearby spirits. Infact whole of Cahngi is's like a cemetry due to nearby changi prison (where sentenced to death are all carried out there). Maybe forceful killings were done there. I heard from my grandma that those who are hanged are immediately brough to changi hospital for post moterm report. Maybe this could be an added spookiness. With all this info about the the spooky changi we went ghost hunting to OCH. I went up to the top floor and climbed over the roof top and had the great view of the yatch on the beach. Beleive me, it was the wonderful site.

    Then saw the rusty lift motor on the top floor. It was the old pullie style motor still in shape, which looked more scary. I felt sad that the beautiful achitecture is destroyed by naughty kids and vandalism. I even noticed blood stains and pentagram drawn on the 5th floor which one my friends said the 5th floor is where they invite the ghost with quija game. I don't know if the ghost are real, but this human ghost are the one who relished reincarnate all this spirits. The moral of the story..ghost are like snakes...if son't disturb it, it will not disturb you. Look at me, I am fine. But the memories of touring the hospital is still fresh in me. I was having nightmares and sleepless nites after the tour. But i seriously did not see any ghost!

  4. ive watch the movie, yea its quite entertaining for me, i give 4 out of 5! \m/ worth the money to watch, but the ending!!! Spoil ar! Where the samurai sword came from???


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